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See a luthier craft a Spanish guitar. See a farmer make Manchego cheese. Or see a tailor design a matador dress. When you see any of those, you instantly notice they are products with outstanding quality, uniqueness, and durability… they have been made to survive the passage of time. They were conceived and produced with respect and with no compromise. Some sort of connection happens between the doer and the result, like if they were an extension of each other. If you wish something to endure, then you connect with the energy, proceed with minute care, and never question how long will it take you to complete the task.

That is our formula.  Like crafters do, we know that the only way of producing something exceptional is to connect with you, dedicate sufficient time, lots of energy and immense passion. Very simple, but yet quite powerful.

To us your trip should be unique, should endure in your memory forever and should be inspirational in your life. We are ready to dedicate the time and the efforts to ensure the trip will be YOUR trip. We create moments that remain with you for the rest of your life.

As the trip is created around you, your participation in the process is vital to ensure outstanding results: the more we know about you, the better the results will be. Tell us about yourself, explain to us why you want to come to our destination and what is what your expectations are.

We specialize in customized tours with truly inspiring experiences. Each trip is unique because each individual is unique. We listen to your interests and preferences and draw upon our in-depth local knowledge to design your trip.

Our customized tour packages are a “one-stop solution” for all your travel needs. They include all accommodations, transportation (such as airport transfers, train tickets, car rental, etc), guides and unique experiences. Each of the experiences we offer is genuine and will give you an inspired taste of the destination we love.

Explore the beauty of Iberic Peninsula

Our customized tour packages are a “one-stop solution” for all your travel needs. They include all accommodations, transportation (such as airport transfers, train tickets, car rental, domestic flights and more), guides and unique experiences. Each of the experiences we offer is genuine and will give you an inspired taste of the destination we love.

you are the travel

a unique experience

Our daily routine is often quite robotic, so we really appreciate those precious moments when we engage all our senses in capturing the scene in front of us.
The most precious treasure is the experience that makes you grow. The moment when you feel something and you notice you are different, a complete person. That happens when you are not constrained by time. There is no secret here: again, you just need to allow yourself the time. Spend longer time on your vacation, do not try to do too much and let moments flow slowly in front of you connecting you to the experience.
Only then you will notice that magic happens and a great moment appears in front of you. It could be just that couple passing by that you peeped from the café table or the taste of a dish that brings you back to your infancy, but you know you got it: that precious moment is now part of your memories and you feel the whole holiday is worth every cent you spent!
Our job is helping you achieve those moments. If you allow us to inspire the magic that is inside you, you will never regret it.

the art
of creating
Antonio Gómez Coronado - SpainTOP



My name is Antonio Gómez Coronado. I was born in Madrid and have been trying to get questions answered all my life. I got my degree in Philosophy, dedicated plenty of time to reflection, and travelled half of the world trying to understand it. My voyage has not finished yet, as you may imagine; not even sure whether the other half will throw any more light into what really matters…

Meanwhile, I like calling the Iberian Peninsula my home; a destination I have toured my way since I was 16. Every corner in Spain and Portugal has a special meaning to me and I will like sharing those with you. Morocco is my escape when I am in need of mystery, adrenaline, or both.
As I have dedicated all my life to analyzing, it is rather easy to me understand needs and expectations: planning trips is a gift that I have.
I can't insist enough on having a phone conversation with you: you would not imagine how much would I learn from that call and how much time we both would save by dedicating less than 20 minutes to review details and get to know each other.

I founded SpainTop to help plan trips to those who appreciate time, service and dedication. I know: there isn’t a vast universe of those individuals, but anyway I could not service personally too many of them if I wish to maintain the quality level I require myself: every year, a few thousand travelers go around the world with my own cell number listed in their travel documents. They know they can call me anytime they need assistance and that makes me feel quite proud of my job. That my cell rings so few is my piece of mind


Unique travel experiences in Spain, Portugal and Morocco tailored to fulfil your desires.


We are flexible:  we can adapt to you, no matter what you need. Your trip is so important that it cannot be properly designed at once. We know it takes time to convert ideas into reality. Your input is a necessity for a good tour to become a great tour.


We know you are busy, so our job is to make it easy for you to plan and arrange an extraordinary trip. At every step, we will suggest, explain and discuss alternatives.  We will fully dedicate the time you need and deserve. The difference between an acceptable trip and a memorable one lies in the details... 


More than 20 years of proven expertise in the travel industry are the perfect backup for your peace of mind. A complete team of multidisciplinary talents is at your disposal for trip planning


We are 24/7 at your disposal. Prior, during and after your trip, you have one dedicated person working for you, booking all arrangements personally and ensuring that everything goes smooth along the way.

First, we read your request and spend time understanding your needs. Then we make a first draft of your trip for your review. Normally, at this stage, you would just receive a short briefing with an outlined itinerary and some suggestions or comments for you to consider.  Then, at your convenience, you would give us the valuable feedback we need to prepare a more detailed plan.  We can communicate by phone, by email…  however it best suits you. It does not matter to us if this process takes hours or weeks: We will support you.
After some conversations, a detailed itinerary will be prepared. By this time you will have a quite clear idea of travel dates, so it should be time to book your air tickets ( We are sorry we cannot help you with this item.)  After considering your feedback about the detailed itinerary, a final itinerary listing proposed hotels, considered transportation, all inclusions and a final price will be presented.  Once more, your feedback and approval are required.

It is time for you to review the information in detail and to give us your final go-ahead. If you agree with our plans, you can commit with a 30% deposit payment.
After receiving your deposit, we start booking all services. You will be able to follow the process of reservation through your personal link to our reservations system. 
Balance payment is due 60 days prior to your arrival. By this time, all elements in your trip booking are already confirmed
10 days prior to the start of your trip (but usually right after your balance payment) you will get your e-documents as a pdf file. This contains all you need to use during your trip: hotel vouchers, train and/or plane tickets, etc. 
Our documents will include a list of our personally recommended restaurants in each location: from easy local eateries to Michelin starred restaurants. 
Finally, a useful document folder with maps and hard copies of all documents will be waiting for you at your first hotel. There will also be a beautiful Spanish style souvenir. You are ready to start discovering our land!
You will never be alone: you will get a 24 h phone number that you can call anytime for advice or in case of any emergency. We are 100% at your disposal for any need during your trip!

your trip