Discover the route of the camellias in Galicia


Galicia is one of the most plentiful regions in Spain: its coast, terrific food and local products, its architecture and endless routes to go from North to South.

One of the most unknown itineraries is called the Route of the Camellias, whose beautiful stops along the way will not disappoint the traveler.

Thanks to the high standards of humidity that Galicia owns most days, the camellias have found a home to grow all the year round, being the best season between winter and spring. This delicate flower came from Asia after the trade trips between Orient and Occident. Nowadays, more than 8.000 types of camellias are growing in Galicia: The Millarenga, Eugenia de Montijo or the Rendez-vous are just a few examples of the wide range of flowers.

Not only is about the flower but also where it grows. Most of them are taking care in the Pazos where the stunning gardens welcome us full of joy and colors. From January to March, they organize exhibitions and contests, being the most relevant the one of Vilagarcía de Arousa, in the region of Pontevedra.

Do you know what a Pazo is? Those are the former manor houses and we can find more than one hundred along the whole community. Most of them are located in the rural areas and they always belonged to the aristocracy and wealthy people. If you had the chance of visiting one, they are always divided into two parts: one for the family and one for the service.
Nowadays and thanks to the support of different organizations we can see as they were but some of them were abandoned until now. After being restored, some are reconverted in hotels, wineries and any other usages. That's why Pazos are still relevant due to the second life they have. And a signal of pride too.

We can mention dozens and dozens:  The Pazo de Oca, San Lorenzo en Trasouto or Pazo de Rubians are good examples of great architecture. Besides, some Pazos even produce products such as moisturizing creams and soaps made of camellias. What about a wine tasting in one of these flawless houses?

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