September, the ultimate month for wine lovers


Harvest time is coming to Spain, and it’s all the country which is in effervescence. It is THE perfect moment to discover the Spanish gastronomy, taste the best bottles of wine and enjoy the different festivals organized for the occasion in cities and villages. If you wished to experience the fantastic atmosphere of the Spanish vineyards with the color of the autumn in a more quiet way, SpainTOP will organize for you an unforgettable experience in a unique frame, mixing old stones and absolute comfort.

Logroño, the capital of the region of La Rioja, has become an iconic place for this very particular period of the year. It's festival: San Mateo will awaken all your senses. Dances, gastronomic competitions, music, bullfights and of course tastings are on the agenda. Rueda, Jerez, Valdepeñas, Sotillo de la Ribera (near Burgos) or Villabuena de Álava (Álava, Basque Country) complete the podium of the “ferias” that all true wine lovers can’t miss.

On the hotels and restaurants side, we would like to mention the Paradores luxury Spanish hotels chain.  Living up to its reputation, these monumental and historic hotels propose a full range of particularly tempting events, and "special grape harvests menus"… equally attractive. It will be the opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic offer more than ever thought around the wine, in the charming frame of the Paradores, symbols of this meeting between heritage and comfort. Those of Tortosa, Lerma, Carmona and Oropesa are some examples of the hotels which participate in the event, in every corner of the country and often far from the beaten track. And what better than tasting a long list of good wines while knowing that a cozy bed awaits in some steps, in the donjon of the castle where you stay this evening? Cheers!