Douro Valley Hidden Treasures


The Douro Valley has been producing unrivaled quality wines for several centuries, without anyone paying attention to the destination itself. Man has carved the mountains with vineyards producing an amazing landscape, enough interested to be listed in Unesco's Heritage list, by the way, one of the very few places that can be proud of having not one but two mentions: one for the landscape itself plus a different one for the unique stone age engravings you can see at the Coa Valley. 

I will never forget my stay in the area. Traveling at a slow pace allows you to experience the territory without the pressure of the mass cruising companies: while they go, visit and return to Porto, you sit by the river in front of an amazing meal (Rui Paula is the reference in the area), enjoy the sunset with a picnic arranged by your Quinta (wine hotels along the river with unforgettable views, fine cuisine and personal touch to ensure a memorable stay) or simply stroll through the countryside. So many times I get asked the same question when I suggest staying in the area for at least two nights: "What can we do over there?" Have you ever experienced the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing? When you step aside and look the world go round for a while, you start noticing how you start to revive and feel much deeper, the sounds of silence produce a special yoga in your being and you get relieved, satisfied, calmed, new. 

The plan is simple, though so powerful: sleep, walk, see, touch, taste, enjoy. Anything else? someone to share the moment with!