Brihuega, the Spanish Provence


Spain hosts a lot of secrets but one of the best preserved is happening during summer time: its stunning lavender fields.  

No one can deny that Spain can keep a wide range of plantations: its favorable weather seems to be the perfect one depending on the region. The lavender found a match in Castilla-La Mancha, giving an impressive purple tone to the fields.

The Provence in France is the queen of the lavender fields but we have a close second here, just one-hour drive from Madrid. Brihuega is the most famous town in the area but everything worth. If you're looking for a calm place, outstanding food and insider experiences, do not hesitate to visit this area.  

Brihuega is well known for being the place where the King Alfonso 6th built the Royal linen factory. Nowadays, you can visit the building and its gardens makes you be relaxed for a little while.

Focused in the Alcarria, the main region, it hosts one more secret: the local honey. Another liquid gold to add in Spain besides the oil. Factories keep the honey original process and it serves for edibles and products such as moisturizer creams.

But the lavender is a paramount fact in the area and local take seriously during the month of July. The lavender festival will take place hosting a lot of side activities in the area like sunrise walking tours, dinner in blanc and private concerts. Can you imagine a wonderful moment in the middle of the fields, pouring a glass of wine while you're watching a stunning sunset? Click here to find further information.

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