200 Birthday Candles for the Prado Museum


Madrid would be incomplete without Museo del Prado. Once you cross its doors and put your feet on these ancient floors, you'll feel the vibes. It hosts a truly remarkable collection: from Goya to El Bosco, from Velázquez to El Greco. If you just wander around the different rooms is biblical!

Not only is a museum but also an institution. Loads of accurate masterpieces and paintings are hanging on its walls. The famous architect Juan de Villanueva first designed the building for a Science Museum in the 18th century and nowadays, the museum has been consolidated as one of the best art galleries in the word. Through its collection, we can understand the European and Spanish history and that's why the Prado always had a key role in Madrid, even as a witness of events such as the Civil War, where the most relevant masterpieces were taken away to protect them from possible damages. 

Nowadays we can state proudly that is the most relevant art gallery in the entire world. Not only it's an own thought but also is a question of numbers and popularity: we can see in the permanent collection more than 1.100 paintings while the museum owns around 8,000! Besides, we can see sculptures, furniture or even jewels. So, no one can deny that the Prado, the lovely way that locals call the museum, is constantly growing heading for the future. 

2019 is the year of the bicentenary, a date to save: 200 years of passion for the art is something to be proud of. Along 2018 the museum hosted a bunch of activities but it's now when we can visit the amazing temporary exhibition Museo del Prado 1819-2019. Un lugar de memoria. A unique chance to learn about how the museum has evolved about this amazing place. 

Even if it's good to visit on your own, we strongly recommend arranging a tour with an art lover guide. In SpainTOP we work with the best guides in town whose art skills will amaze you for the very first moment. You'll enjoy the paintings as much as they do and it enables you to feel the masterpieces from another angle. It's an experience that nobody should miss out! 

If you want to add some extra value to your upcoming visit to Madrid, do not hesitate in contacting us at info@spaintop.com to arrange the best quality tours in the city, we'll be happy to help you!